Qawwali is a unique form of music that has its origin in the 8th century Persia and was originally sung at Sufi shrines. It is believed that the type of song was created by Amir Khusrao who fused the traditional beliefs of Persia with the muscial tradition of India. During its inception the form was much popular in Southern Pakistan and Northen India. With the passage of time, qawwali started moving mainstream in different regions of the world including South Asia and Turkey. The known Pakistani qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is known worldwide for his awe-inspring songs and is credited to give an international exposure to these songs.

The songs are mainly written in Urdu and Pakistani but are also found in Persian, Brajbhasha, and Siraiki. Love, devotion, spirituality, and separation are the main themes of ghazals that deliver a perfect blend of emotions. Sometimes the lyrics are a bit weird still the rhythm and tune of the song manages to win hearts of millions.

Qawwalis are of different forms and genres. Some of the most popular among them are hamd sung in praise of Allah, naat sung in devotion to Prophet Muhammad, and manqabat sung in praise of Sufi saints. All these musical genres are intoxicating and powerful. These deliver a soft and sweet emotion to enrich every human life with the feel of spirituality.

Some of the heart touching qawwalis are tere mehfil main kismat aazma kar, na to karvaan ki talaash hai, hai agar dushman zamana, sharma ke yun azi parda nasheen, aaj kyun humse parda hai, hume to loot liya, parda hai parda, and pal do pla ka saath hamara.

The popularity of qawwalis is spreading wide across the length and breath of the globe. Many music lovers enjoy the fun filled singing of these songs and for many these songs are a source to infuse vibrancy into their life. For all music lovers internet provides a wide platform to download the entire collection of ghazals.