Kashmir is undoubtedly a heaven on earth. Its natural beauty and scenic surroundings echoes the awe-inspiring music of the state. Kashmiri music is one of the most beautiful and soothing form of Indian music. It revolves around the nature’s nest and is sweetly echoed from the same. This heart warming music enriches the beauty of natural wonders and makes Kashmir the hottest tourist destination.

Kashmiri music is the voice of nature in the beautiful state that beholds the rich culture and heritage of the state. The music in its various forms is harmonized with beautiful voices and musical melodies. It has millions of fans across India as well as across the globe.

Today, Kashmiri songs have made a prominent place in the music industry. The entire gamut of these songs has its fans all over the country. The traditional form of Kashmiri music has a sufi origin and has been popular since centuries. This form of music believed to be adopted from Iran delivers a great impact with its melodies from musical instruments like santoor, sitar, and tabla.

Some of the other popular forms of Kashmiri music are chakri, hafiz nagma, habba khatoon, surma, rabab, ghazals, and choral music. All the types of music have their distinctive songs that touch every heart and every soul. Chakri is a traditional form that makes use of harmonium and hafiz nagma is a classical creation that creates a beautiful melody from santoor.

Habba khatoon is definitely a form of song but is attributed to the love shared between Habba, the princess of Khatoon, and the Yousuf King. These songs deliver the true feelings of Habba at the time she was separated from Yusuf. Surma is a type of song that defines the pain of a newly married girl when she stays away from her husband who serves the country at the border. One more popular form of Kashmiri songs is wanawun that is sung during wedding ceremonies held in the state.

Some of the most popular and renowned singers of Kashmiri songs are Raj Begum, Shameema, Asha Bhosle, Pandit Bhajan Sopori Ghulam Hassan Sofi Arti, and Kaul Kailash. Be it any singer or any song, today all the fans can download the entire range of Kashmiri MP3 songs. There are many websites and online sources on the internet that are a blessing to all the music lovers.