Gujarati music has a unique cultural tradition. It is one of the recognized and popular form of Indian music that lives in the hearts and minds of countless people residing within and across the Indian boundaries. This is because Gujarat is a state enriched with the presence of some of the most iconic musicians like Baiju Bawra and Tana Riri. Narsinh Mehta who is known for writing outstanding poems and songs in praise of God also belongs to the State of God. This great lyrics writer is widely acclaimed for his musical marvel “Vaishnav Janto”.

Furthermore, Gujarat is also a hometown of some of the recognized and acclaimed classical musicians like Ustad Faiyazkhan, Maulabux, Pandit Omkarnath Thakur. All of them together have made significant contributions to the Gujarati music. Undoubtedly, the state will be known for its progressive music industry enriched with an entire gamut of amazing Gujarati songs.

Gujarati songs are classified into many forms ranging from classical folk and garba to the modern day filmy songs and remixes. Classical folk songs are typical of the culture and lifestyle of Gujarat and garba is one such form that revolves around the sacred festival of the state. During the Navratris, nine days various songs of garba and dandiya are sung in praise of God. These songs have a distinctive feel and touch the fresh air in the sky above. Whenever garba songs are heard people just feel like tapping their feet for dandiya raas. Gujarati classical songs also behold the dominance of Haveli Sangeet tradition followed in big palaces or havelis of kings and leaders.

Gujarati film songs also draw the attention of many music lovers. Most of the songs reflect the culture and tradition of the state and others define the dominant emotions of people living in Gujarat. Different songs have a unique blend of emotions that leaves a lasting impact on listener’s heart.

Gujarati MP3 songs are extremely popular online as well. There are ample of websites and other online sources that allow download of Gujarati MP3 songs from all genres, styles, and types.