Arabic music has a wide assortment of musical genres and styles. The music is greatly influenced by the musical tradition of Arabian Peninsula region, Egypt, Greek, Persia, Kurdish, Turkish, India, Africa, and Africa.

The traditional music and beautiful themes give birth to mind blowing Arabic songs that are a blend of various styles and forms associated with different moods, emotions, and themes. During the early years of its origin, these songs had traditional style of music and lyrics but later on these began to take on the touch of western music. The songs were then a blend of eastern and western music and were popular known as Arabic pop songs.

Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of this genre of songs, styles like hip hop, rock, and jazz also came into picture. Hip hop music from Arab characterized fast beats and inspiring lyrics. Arabic rock songs actually fuse together the beats and rhythm of hard rocks along with the musical melodies of traditional Arabic instruments. There are many popular rock bands in Arab like Massar Egbari in Egypt, Meen and Dabke in Lebanon, and Hoba Hoba Spirit from Morocco that have revolutionized the Arabic music industry. The type of music is gaining lot of attention from music lovers around the world. The birth of Arabic jazz music is credited to the use of saxophone by some of the known music artists. Rahbani brothers infused the jazz components into the traditional Arabic music to create magical song genre. Great Arabic singers like Rima Khcheich, Salma El Mosfi, and Latifa have set a new benchmark in the Arabic jazz music.

Some of the known singers from the industry are Amr Diab, Samira Said, Angham, Asalah Nasri, Hisham Abbas, Kadhem Al Saher, and Cheb Khaled, George Wassouf, and Hakim. These and many more have sung heart arming songs like leli nahari, ah wi nus, arab liah, omri kul yum, inti, lawn ayounak, and ma yswa. If you wish to download any of these songs or others from your list of favorite Arabic MP3 songs, then a huge assortment of these songs are available for free download on many music websites.